An Eclipse Huddle

A small gang of us had a good view of the eclipse outside the studio yesterday morning. This picture was taken by Jinny from Word Of Mouth.


Our pinhole didn’t really work but enough hazy cloud to allow direct glances and no cases of retina burn today! Thanks Anna for the photo.



Open Studio Weekend

Studios all spruced up and lots of lovely visitors. Great to have the opportunity to talk to our supporters and customers. Thanks to Sue Mitchell for taking the pictures.

Festive Open Studios Weekend, 6 & 7 December 2014

Angie Rogers Snow Ridge Above Hebden
We hope you can join our seasonal celebrations as once again we are holding our annual Festive Open Weekend this coming Saturday and Sunday,
6 & 7 December, 11 am to 5 pm.

View an exciting range of work by our artists and makers whilst sampling our famous Brooklyn Mulled Cider or our alcohol-free hot apple punch.

Elephant Parade!


Brooklyn artist Angie Rogers has created an elegant and intricate Elephant Parade design inspired by York Minster. The life-size baby elephant statue is currently travelling around the UK in the Elephant Parade national tour, a record-breaking public art expo raising awareness of elephant conservation issues.

Angie’s creation called ‘Stone Rosie’ is travelling with a large herd created by other artists and celebrities  for a 14-month UK tour. 35 of the vibrant elephant statues are now available to bid on or to ‘buy now’ in an online auction until 26th July

The proceeds from the auction will be donated by the tour sponsor, intu Properties plc, to The Asian Elephant Foundation (TAEF), which was created as a non-profit foundation to assist in distributing funds raised by Elephant Parade to support elephant conservation projects across Asia.

Angie says: “I was surprised and delighted to be asked to submit a design for the Elephant Parade national tour and of course accepted the challenge as I have always loved elephants.” She said the inspiration for the design came from pondering “the sheer size and grandeur of these wonderful beasts.” She said this helped her make the connection to another favourite of hers – the great gothic cathedral at York.

“An elephant is like the cathedral of the animal world, large and stately to look at, a repository of history and memory, a precious source of wonder to be cherished and saved.”

Angie said that as a painter and printmaker, she finds the features of York Minster she is most drawn to are the great expanses of jewel-like stained glass, “When seen from inside the building they seem to float in an ocean of dark space”.

Reflecting on the selection of design entries for the national tour, intu’s Trevor Pereira commented: “From the moment we conceived the idea of giving Elephant Parade a countrywide platform to raise awareness of elephant conservation, intu was committed to creating a national tour with local flavor – an exposition that would surprise and delight the millions of people that experienced the elephants, yet draw on artistic references from all corners of the UK. Angie’s Stone Rosie design had the ‘wow factor’ even from the initial A4 design sketch and it has arrested public attention at every UK tour stop so far. It’s an incredible design statement and we’re proud to be showcasing it for the intu national tour.”

When asked to talk through her design, Angie mentioned the elements of the ‘Heart of Yorkshire’ in York Minster’s West Window that decorate the elephant’s forehead, while the famous Rose Window – featuring the white and red Tudor roses – adorn both her sides. “I gave Rosie blue eyes to signify her heavenly nature and to acknowledge the role of blue pigment in the history of Western painting,” she adds. It was a challenge to paint something so large, particularly when painting on a 3D rather than a flat surface. “I did wonder at times why I had picked such an intricate pattern. It was particularly tricky getting the design to work over the curve of the elephant’s belly. But I am a perfectionist so I wanted to get it right.”

Angie continues: “As a child drawing tiny images of the wild roses growing along the neighbourhood hedgerows, I little imagined that years later I would be painting 98 double Tudor roses on the curving form of an elephant. The love of wild things and the desire to be an artist have never waned though, and I’m proud to have had the opportunity to put the two together with the aim of saving wild elephants.”

To find out more about Angie’s work visit

For more information on the Elephant Parade national tour, presented by intu – including latest news on tour venues, gallery images and access to further artist profiles – visit the tour website:



The studios are very busy at the moment as everyone is madly getting work ready for our annual Winter Open Studios leading up to the festive season.

Angie Rogers has designed this year’s poster using one of her woodcut and paper cut artworks based on memories of the hoar frost coated Hebden Bridge a couple of winters ago. The work is titled ‘Frozen North’ and is part of a series looking at the idea of ‘The North’.

The Festive Open Studios are always a cheery and convivial event and so we hope to see all our friends and supporters from near and far at the end of the month.

Made and Done!

We had a great time at the Making And Doing weekend in the studio.

Visitors from Hebden Royd and beyond crammed in; tots ‘n’ teenagers, mums and dads, grannies and granddads.  All enjoyed the hands-on experiences of printing linocuts and 
monoprnts as well as decorating bunting for next year’s Tour de Cragg. What a wealth of talent there is in this beautiful area.

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