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Another ‘postcard’ from Hannah


Beautiful terns and icebergs in this photograph from Hannah Lawson our peripatetic artist.

Hoping the weather won’t be quite like this in Hebden Bridge in early December when we hold our  Fantastic Festive Open Weekend on 5th & 6th.


Brooklyn artist Hannah back in Antarctica

imageThis fabulous photo of tabular icebergs came today from our studio artist Hannah Lawson who works as an expedition leader and Zodiac driver on cruises to the polar regions and all sorts of other exotic places.

In between working trips Hannah can be found in her little studio space at Brooklyn making intricate wood engravings of the wildlife she encounters.

Review of ‘The Worst Journey In The World’

Last Friday saw yet another crowd of people piling into Brooklyn for a much anticipated illustrated talk by Hannah Lawson one of our studio holders, who combines being an accomplished wildlife artist with trips to the polar regions as zodiac skipper and expedition leader on small cruise ships.

This unusual career trajectory makes Hannah an ideal candidate for retelling the extraordinary story of a journey made by three brave men exactly 100 years ago, to Cape Crozier at the height of the Antarctic winter in order to collect Emperor penguin eggs for scientific study. The story of the expedition by Bill, Birdie and Cherry, AKA Edward Wilson, Henry Bowers and Apsley Cherry-Garrard is truly amazing and Hannah’s lively talk fully conveyed the horrendous conditions they experienced as well as a strong sense of the camaraderie and stoicism of the three travellers.  It certainly made me want to search out my battered copy of Cherry’s memoir entitled ‘The Worst Journey In The World’ for yet another read.

The 3 companions about to set off on the worst journey.

One of the ‘highlights’ of the evening was the opportunity to sample the delights of ‘ships biscuit’ and Pemmican – made by Hannah to demonstrate the kind of fuel the expedition ran on.  Obviously highlight is the wrong word, for whilst the ships biscuit was almost OK though terribly hard, the Pemmican was way beyond disgusting.  Beefy fudge with an aftertaste of lard is the only way I can describe it – ghastly!  Nevertheless its easy to imagine it seeming quite tasty if you’d been trudging all day in complete darkness at temperatures of -40 C and worse.

Speaking as a visual artist who likes to draw outdoors, I was especially interested in Hannah’s slides of drawings made by the admirable Wilson.  It seems almost incredible that despite the privations and danger of frost-bite Wilson could find the energy and drive to make sketches outside in Antarctica.  I’ll try to bear this bravery in mind next time I’m moaning about cold hands up on the moors on a mild winters day.

This photo of the men on their return to base speaks volumes – they all seem to have that thousand mile stare.

All in all a very interesting and enlightening evening which was obviously enjoyed by an appreciative crowd. Thank you Hannah and please do make this a regular event.
Angie Rogers